The Objective of project work is to make use of the knowledge gained by the student at various
stages of the diploma course and to enable the students to work in convenient groups of not
more than six members in a group on a project involving theoretical and experimental studies
related to Printing Technology.

Major project work is meant for Publication of books on latest and emerging trends in Printing
Technology along with any one value addition process by applying the knowledge and skills
gained through various subject areas. It is expected that students will be sent to various printing
industry for about 4 weeks at a stretch (during industrial exposure) and they will be asked to
take live problems from the field as project work.

Identification of project titles and project activities, which can be taken in them, should begin well
in advance. Students should also be asked to identify suitable project and project activities,
which can be taken by them. One teacher is expected to guide, supervise and evaluate the
project work of 4 – 6 students.
This helps to judge the level of proficiency, originality, and capacity for application of the
knowledge attained by the student at the end of the course.

Twelve periods per week in VI semester shall be allotted in the Time Table for this important
activity and this time shall be utilized by the students to receive directions from the Guide, on
library reading, laboratory work, Printing press activities, computer analysis or field work as
assigned by the Guide and also to present in periodical seminars the progress made in the

Each student shall finally produce a comprehensive report covering background information,
literature Survey, problem statement, project work details and conclusions. This final report shall
be typewritten form as specified in the guidelines. Every Project Work shall have a Guide who is
a member of the faculty of the Institute.