Unit 1 : Principles of Management

1.1 – Principles of management – Scientific management, Taylorism, Maslow’s hierarchy needs, Leadership management, Management grid, Organizational development, and Business process management.

1.2 – Management principles and functions – Managing men, Machines, Materials, Money and Morale – Principle of Management, Definition of Management, Functions of Management and Elements of Management.

1.3 – Management Structure – Structure of organization, Formal and Informal organization, Market research, Sales promotion and Purpose of business management.

1.4 – Business communication and coordination – Business communication, Channels of communication, Methods of business communication, Management information system, Benefits of MIS and Application of MIS.

Unit 2 : Estimating and Costing

2.1 – Estimating for various printed products – Definition of costing and estimating, Components of cost, Advantages of costing, Difference between costing and estimating.

2.2 – Costing for printing materials and Production – Qualification of an Estimator, Estimating form, Estimating for Paper, Calculating the number of sheets required for a job and Cost of Paper for job.

2.3 – Overhead Expenses and Classification of Overhead Expenses and Importance of Overhead Expenses.

2.4 – Preparation of Competitive Estimate and Costing – Economical consideration for preparing competitive estimates, Fixed and variable cost in printing – Graphical representation of fixed and
variable cost.

Unit 3 : Planning for Print Production

3.1 – Production system administration, Planning for various printed Products – Production control systems – Works initiaton Procedures – Estimate, Purchase order, Raw material purchase, job card, changes in the specification of the Job, Proof, Material release authorization and final print order.

3.2 – Planning consideration – Material purchasing and inventory control suitable material selection – Material management, Principles of purchasing, Production planning and control – Production scheduling, Production control, Quality control and Press layouts.

3.3 – Value system in the industry – Developing Interpersonal management skills and Communication skills. Decision making and stages of decision making.

3.4 – Role of supervisor and manager in effective management workflow – managerial roles, Management influences and process integration, Ergonomics – Physical requirements of employees – Working environment – Lighting, Glare and Contrast, Climate, Safety and Noise.

Unit 4 : Accounting and Budgeting

4.1 – Accounting principles – Meaning of accounting principles, Classification or sub-fields of accounting – Financial accounting, Cost accounting, Management accounting and Tax accounting.

4.2 – Definition of book keeping and Book keeping methods – Double entry book keeping and Advantages of Double Entry System.

4.3 – Definition of Budgeting and Importance of Budgeting – Annual Budget : Meaning of Budget, Purpose of Budget, Types of Budgets – Sales Budget, Production Budget, Marketing Budget, Sales and
Turnover, Channel distribution and Sales Forecasting.

4.4 – Type of Companies – Private and Public Limited – Characteristics of Private and Public Limited Companies, Meaning of Stock Register – Maintenance of Stock Registers and Advantages of
Stock Registers.

Unit 5 : Human Resource Management

5.1 – Employee Recruitment, Training and Retention – Human Resource Management, Meaning of Recruitment, Objective of the Recruitment Process, Training and Development, Out sourcing, ERecruitment,
Employee Retention.

5.2 – Employee Motivation and Welfare – How to Motivate Employees, Employee Benefits, Work Study and Method Study – Time Management and Productivity Tools and Reduce or Minimizing the Wastages.

5.3 – Professional Ethics – Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and accountability. Media Ethics and law, Copyright – Obtaining and enforcing copyright and MSME Registration.

5.4. – Safety, Health and Environmental Regulations in Graphic Arts Industry – Safety of Machinery in Printing Industry, Safety aspects in machines and House keeping.

Test Book / Reference Book :

1. Printer’s Costing and Estimating – by B.D. Mendiratta.
2. Printing Estimating Primer – by Don Ment, GATF.
3. The Print and Production Manual – by Michael Barnard.
4. Management Aspect of Printing Industry – by T.S. Saifuddin
5. Printing Management : A Reference Manual – by Print India Journals.
6. Estimating Methods and Cost Analysis for Printer – by K. S. Venkataraman and K. S.
7. Book Production – by John Peacock.