Unit 1 : Basics of Packaging Process

1.1 – Introduction, Classification of Packaging – Flexible, Semi Rigid and Rigid Packaging, Functions of a Package, Factors influencing the design of a package.

1.2 – Functions/Objectives of a Packaging – physical, barrier,
Agglomeration, information, marketing, security and convenience.

1.3 – Folding Carton, Common Styles and their uses – Glue end carton, Tuck in flap carton, Lock end carton, Lock bottom carton and Autolock bottom carton.

1.4 – Tube and Tray Style Cartons – One piece tray carton, Two piece tray carton and Window carton.

1.5 – Die Making process – Diagram preparation and manual/laser cutting, cutting and creasing rule bending and fixing.

Unit 2 : Packaging Materials

2.1 – Types of boards used in packaging – Solid bleached/unbleached board, Duplex, Pulp and Art boards.

2.2 – Types of Corrugated boards – Single face corrugated board, Double face corrugated board and Triple face (or) Double walled corrugated board.

2.3 – Plastic packaging materials – BOPP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, PP, PET, Polyolefins, Polyamides and Non-woven.

2.4 – Metal packaging materials – Tin and Aluminium Foil – Properties and Applications.

Unit 3 : Packaging Machinery & Finishing

3.1 – Factors influencing the design of a package – product, distribution, marketing Statutory &regulation, packaging operation and cost.

3.2 – Structural Fundamentals of folding carton – Types of panels, types of flap, grain direction, creasing and cutting.

3.3 – Introduction to Food packaging and shelf life improving
techniques, Introduction to Aseptic packaging (Tetra pack),
Structural layers used in Aseptic packaging, Importance of Ultra Heat treatment Technology.

3.4 – Flexible pouch forming – Thermoform/fill/seal machines.

Unit 4 : Ancillary Packaging

4.1 – Closures – Screw cap, Lug cap, Roll on, Crown Cap, Child
resistant closure and Tamper evident closure.

4.2 – Dispensing devices – Snip-top, Dial disc, Dip tube, Brush applicator, Shaker sifter and push-pull type.

4.3 – Cushioning Materials, Types – Resilient, Non-resilient and Space filers.

4.4 – Types of Strapping and Sealing tapes.

Unit 5 : Specialty Packages

5.1 – Shrink-Wrapping, Types of Shrink wrapping – Sleeve wrap and Envelope wrap, Skin Packaging, Blister Packaging.

5.2 – Strip Packaging, Blister Packaging and Stretch Wrapping.

5.3 – Introduction to RFID, QR Code and Barcode, applications in packaging, Symbols used in Packaging.

5.4 – Introduction – Aerosol Packaging and Modified Atmospheric Packaging, Application.

Text Book / Reference Book :

1. Hand Book of Packaging Engineering – by Joseph F Hanlon, Robert J Kelsey, and
Halline E Forcinio.
2. Guarding of Folding Box Gluers – by British Printing Industries federation.
3. Guarding of sheet fed cutting and creasing machine – by British Printing Industries
4. A Handbook of Food Packaging – by Frank A. Paine and Heather Y. Paine, Leonard Hill
Publishers, Glasgow G 642 NZ