By entering into an MOU with SIGA, the mutual benefits accrued to the institute and the corporate
are multifold, such as:

Types of interaction

1. Corporate Presentations at SIGA
2. Seminars and Workshop by the Professionals
3. Student Performance Appraisals
4. Campus interviews
5. Press and Plant visits
6. Hands on training
7. Internship
8. Scholastic Projects
9. Joint training courses and certification with MoU.


1. To introduce students to good industry work environment and practices.
2. To provide hands on training along with the professionals in the company.
3. To offer an opportunity to participate in the company’s in-house training modules
4. To facilitate students to earn awards, certificates and scholarships towards their technical
training fees.
5. To educate students in good Corporate Culture and human relationships.

Company and Institute Joint Commitments

1. Students’ safety is first.
2. Students’ welfare and human dignity to be respected.
3. Four hours of labour that can be extend up to not more than a ‘shift’ (8 hours)
4. To arrange for company pickups and drops.
5. To involve students in the company’s in-house training programmes.
6. Permit students to handle equipments and machinery only ‘on adult supervision’.
7. To calculate hours of work towards Scholarships given to SIGA.
8. To encourage best performing students with Awards and Certificates.
9. To retain the status as ‘students’ and not mere ‘labourers’.
10. The holidays declared by DoTE / the State will be honoured.
11. The institute can withdraw students during the course of training as deemed fit.
12. The institute will ensure the total number of students for the shift agreed upon.

Commitment of SIGA Student

1. Will learn and follow all safety instructions
2. Will understand the Company Code of Ethics and stand by it.
3. Will involve positively in training modules and programmes.

4. Will be honest and committed in work.
5. Will be sincere and loyal to their authorities.
6. Will volunteer to contribute towards better production and environment.

3D Printing
Certificate Course – 3D Printing Machine Operator
Packaging Design and Technology – 3 months part-time

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3D Printing

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