Objective of industrial training is to provide to students the feel of the actual working
environment and to gain practical knowledge and skills, which in turn will motivate, develop and
build their confidence. Industrial training is also expected to provide the students the basis to
identify their key operational area of interest.

During 4th Semester vacation students have to undergo 4 weeks of Industrial Exposure Training
and during 5th Semester vacation students have to undergo 3 weeks of Industrial Exposure
Training (Total duration – 7 weeks). In 6th semester, each student will be required to submit a
typed report (2 copies) as “Industrial Exposure Report” giving industrial experience along with
the details about the press, the process, their findings etc. in detail as a part of industrial

Performance during industrial exposure provided in industrial unit will be evaluated, based on
the report to be submitted by each student and necessary assessment / certificate as may be
obtained by the Institute from the concerned unit. 100 marks are assigned for industrial training.
The marks will be based on regularity in attendance (minimum 75%), conduct and progress as
reported by the industrial supervisor, quality of report and viva voce examination, besides
behavior etc.

Once the student has been selected / deputed for Industrial Training by the institute, he/she
shall not be permitted to undergo Industrial exposure elsewhere. In case students make direct
arrangements with the industry / press for Industrial Training, these will necessarily have to be
approved by the institute.


1 Should be punctual.
2 Should maintain the training logbook up-to-date.
3 Should be attentive and careful while doing work.
4 Should be keen to learn and maintain high standards and quality of work.
5 Should interact positively with the Industry staff.
6 Should be honest and loyal to the Press and towards their training.
7 Should get their appraisals signed regularly from the HOD’s or training manager.
8 Gain maximum from the exposure given, to get maximum practical knowledge and
9 Should attend the training review sessions / classes regularly.
10 Should be prepared for the arduous working condition and should face them
11 Should adhere to the prescribed training schedule.

12 Should take the initiative to do the work as training is the only time where you can get
maximum exposure.
13 Should, on completion of Industrial Training, handover all the reports, appraisals,
logbook and completion certificate to the institute.