Admission Policy

The application forms are available at SIGA website for the academic year 2018-2019.

The candidates can apply through online and submit the printout at the college office. Those who are unable to use internet can come to SIGA POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE, along with their certificates. SIGA shall help the candidates to apply online. The mandatory documents are listed in Annexure 2 – (Instructions to the Applicant).

SIGA gives special consideration for the SC/ST/converted Christians, Orphan, Semi-Orphan and Catholic candidates.

Those who recommend candidates are requested to fill the Annexure 1 form (Recommendation Form) with office seal and signature.

The SIGA management does not accept any donation for admission directly or indirectly.

The selection camp will screen candidates for the minimum capacity to learn Maths, English, Drawing and Printing

Admission Schedule

01 May 2018 application open for private diploma.

Batch I

28.05.2018 to 30.05.2018 Motivation and Selection camp for three days.

31.05.2018 interview for Batch I. Parents to accompany the students.

Batch II

13.06.2018 to 15.06.2018 Motivation and Selection camp for three days

13.06.2018 interview for Batch II. Parents to accompany the students.

 Admission     Closed

 Letter to Parish Priest

 Annexure 1 (Recommendation Form)

 Annexure 2: (Instructions to the Applicant)