Is SIGA a Don Bosco Institution?
Yes. S.I.G.A. stands for Salesian Institute of Graphic Arts. Run by Salesians of Don Bosco, Province of Chennai, India.

What are the types of courses offered for the students?
3-year Formal and Non Formal Diploma Courses in printing and related skills, and Short term Add-on training and certification in collaboration with the industry.

Are all courses affiliated to State Board of Technical Education?
No. The Formal Diploma Courses are affiliated to State Board of Technical Education. The short-term courses conducted under CIICP, SPCU, DoTE Govt.of Tamil Nadu are approved and jointly certified by the Govt. and SIGA.

Establishment year?
SIGA, 1952; SIGA Society 1972
SIGA Polytechnic College, affiliated to the State Board of Technical Education 1973; AICTE approved 2004

Is the Polytechnic College a self-financed and a minority institution?

To foster Knowledge, Virtue, and Art

Official Websites?
SIGA is a unit of Don Bosco Group of Educational Institutions spread across 132 countries. Worldwide websites are: www.infoans.org | www.salesianmissions.org | www.sdb.org
In South Asia Region, SIGA is a member of DB Tech India and IUS India Higher Education for the implementation of national skilling projects and Don Bosco policy. The regional websites are: www.donboscoindia.com | www.donboscochennai.org | www.dbhei.org | www.dbtech.in 
SIGA website: www.sigaindia.com | campus.sigaindia.com 

Target group: A special predilection for the poor and disadvantaged youth irrespective of language, caste, religion. Preference for the Orphans and Semi orphans and Christians.

Area of skilling students: Artworks, Designing, Commercial Printing, Technical Drawing, 3D Prototype Printing and Packaging, Postpress operations, Communicative English and Leadership.

Admission and Fees:

  • Formal Government Diploma in Printing Technology – 3 years – 60+72+72 = 204 students Rs.30,000 Tuition Fees per year, [Free Hostel. Mess fees 2000 per month]
  • Non Formal Private Diploma in Printing Technology – 3 years – 60+60+60 = 180 students Rs. 12,000 Tuition Fees per year [Free Hostel. Mess fees 2000 per month]
  • One Year Post Diploma Advanced Training – 10 Interns Stipend Minimum Rs.6000 with food and accommodation.
  • Short-Term tailor-made courses (as per the need) in collaboration with ATI Govt. of India – Ministry of Skills and Entrepreneurship, CIICP Govt of Tamil Nadu DoTE, DB Tech India, and IUS India.
  • Skilling in Branding, Photography, Designing, Pre-press, Commercial Printing, 3D Printing, and Packaging in collaboration with the industry and professionals


What are the advantages for a company in collaborating with SIGA?

Share the common vision/mission in skilling India and in empowering a breadwinner of a family. 
Enjoy benefits such as:

  • Branding of your company with direct access to the students during their training period in various ways: Corporate presentation, on-campus knowledge sharing and training programmes, lectures and workshops, student project support, industrial visits and weekend company-students interaction,
  • Branding of your company with the management by Participating on special occasions and celebrations, Collaboration, Volunteering, Donations, Adoption, Sponsoring, Scholarships, and Awards.
  • Possibility to enter MoU in the core area of business for skilling SIGA Students and candidates from the public domain and other institutions.
  • Sharing of infrastructure for meetings, events and recruitment drive – Well equipped conference Room, Meeting Halls A/c and Non-A/c, Hi-Tech classrooms with wifi projectors and internet connectivity and audio system, Guest rooms, Dinning space and car parking.
  • While recruiting the freshers, be a preferred company among students and management, and avail the second-year students for one-year internship programmes, year after year.
  • Mutual sharing of logo in websites


Is the Institute connected with the Alumni?

  • Yes via SIGA website, noticeboard, bulk email and SMS and social media network.
  • Members participate and collaborate with Alumni during Annual General Body Meeting on Aug 15, every year.
  • SIGAPPU stands for SIGA Past Pupil Unit and networked with the national and worldwide registered body of Salesians Past Pupil Movement.


How can I help SIGA?

  • You can sponsor events including seminars, workshops, and festivals.
  • You can sponsor/adopt students training expenses.
  • You can donate money, machinery and update our infrastructure.
  • You can advise and collaborate with us a friend of Don Bosco.


Wish List for 2018-19 Fundraising!

  • Setting up of Design Studio and Packaging Labs
  • Install SINAPSE PackSim-Flexo and SHOTS Print Simulators www.sinapseprint.com
  • Set up English Lab Online. www.burlingtonenglish.com